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Instructions for washing in the washing machine

Always follow the instructions on the laundry care labels.

Separate the clothes according to the instructions on their labels

Calculate the dosage depending on how dirty the clothes are and the hardness of the water.

Turn them upside down, unbutton the buttons and make sure they are already dry and dusty

Do not overfill the washing machine.

Some clothes that seem to have "picked up" in the wash return to their original dimensions after ironing

Do not allow the clothes to get very dirty and then wash them.


Instructions for the use of bleach

Always make sure you consult the symbols on the labels.

Bleach destroys the fibers of clothes, which is why bleach is always preferable to bleach.

Use bleach only in cold water and not more than an hour.

Finally, avoid washing with bleach in metal basins.

Instructions for ironing

Sort the clothes according to the instructions on the label and start ironing at the lowest temperature

Iron the clothes a little wet.

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